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Taking control of your superannuation is easier than you may think.  Whether you are building your super balance to purchase a new asset, or looking to start drawing on your super in retirement, we can help you with a strategy to meet your needs.

We guide, but you're in control

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A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private super fund that you manage yourself and SMSFs are funds usually established by an individual or family as a means of looking after their own super savings. When you manage your own super, you put the money you would normally put in a retail or industry super fund into your own SMSF - and you choose the investments and the insurance.  

Erin Roughley is the Superannuation & Wealth Expert at Advise and is a member of the Merit Wealth Advisor network that endorses her credentials and recommendations. We invite you to read more about Merit Wealth in the Financial Services Guide, above.

At Advise, your financial future is as important to us as it is to you. We will work with you throughout each different stage in your life to ensure you are on the right path to meet your financial goals. We take the headaches out of navigating the compliance frame-works of Self Managed Superannuation Funds, and handle some of the more tedious aspects of SMSF Compliance for you. This allows you more time to work on building your actual superannuation balances rather than dealing with the finer details.