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23 May 2017
Social Media: Should your business take it seriously?

Isn’t Twitter a waste of time? Isn’t Facebook for the kids?Not anymore.It’s true that Twitter and Facebook started out with very ‘non-business’ objectives.

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16 May 2017
4 apps to stop late payments affecting your business’ cash flow

Debtors and late-payers—the bane of every business owner.No matter how profitable your business is, it won’t survive without good cash flow. If you can’t pay your bills on time, you may end up trading while insolvent. And that’s not just bad business—that’s illegal.

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27 February 2017
Hope for the best, plan for the worst: Why a business succession plan is essential

While everyone wants their businesses to be successful and operate for a long time, you may not necessarily want to remain at the helm.At some point, you may want to pass the business on to your children, or to someone else in the company.

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