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6 June 2017
Why business budgeting is more about being accountable, than it is about accounting

For many, the word ‘budget’ is about as appealing as the word ‘diet’.It seems to imply what you will go without, rather than what you will achieve.To a successful business owner, however, the word ‘budget’ has a very different meaning.It’s more like a map than a diet. It’s an outline of where you want to take the business.

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29 May 2017
7 top email marketing tips for small businesses

Are you finding yourself doing everything in your business – including the marketing?If so, you may be missing out on one of the hidden gems of modern marketing strategy: email marketing for business can help you substantially grow your business.

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25 May 2017
Understanding the 2017/18 Budget

On Tuesday 9 May, the Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2017/18 budget.At Advise Accountants we take pride in keeping our clients informed and up-to-date, and so we provide this succinct and concise version of the budget papers.

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