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29 May 2017
7 top email marketing tips for small businesses

Are you finding yourself doing everything in your business – including the marketing?

If so, you may be missing out on one of the hidden gems of modern marketing strategy: email marketing for business can help you substantially grow your business, but only if you have the time to craft well-written email campaigns – or hire professional copywriters to do it.

Some business owners get caught up in trying to do everything – and it ends up being counter-productive.

It is not enough that you have a fantastic product or service; people need to hear about it. But limited time and marketing budgets restrict what you can do – so it’s an ad in the local newspaper or a spot on the radio, and that’s it.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, read on as you will see how email marketing for business can help transform your marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing vs. online marketing for business

Untargeted, unmeasured marketing is generally poor marketing.

How do you know if that magazine ad is working? Who are you reaching? Are your customers even seeing or hearing what you are paying good money for?

Fortunately, there are resources right under your nose that can help you be more effective.

Emails to and from customers and POS transactions hold valuable information for your business. For instance, they can increase your understanding of what people are buying and at what times of year, helping you control stock with more accuracy.

Additionally, by understanding factors such as age, gender and socio economic details, you are likely to glean insight into purchasing patterns.

Then there are the uncaptured comments and feedback from your customers on social media. You are being told what they want and, by analysing this, you can market targeted products or services more effectively.

Complaints can be turned into a positive: when a problem is identified in your business, you can fix it and improve the service offered to the customer.

With so many places to look online, the question is where do you focus your marketing efforts? For most businesses, there is one main place to focus on…and it is where the highest returns come from.

Email marketing for business

Email marketing for business is not only relatively cheap and simple to set up; it’s highly targeted to your chosen audience and is completely measurable, as it makes great use of the available technology.

By using email marketing in your business, you can target specific segmented groups with tailored content: from lifelong customers to new clients, to people who haven’t bought from you in a while.

But it needs to be done in the right way or it will be a waste of time and effort. Bear the following seven guidelines in mind before mass emailing content to your database!

  1. Start with the end goal in mind – what do you want to achieve through your email marketing? Who do you want to reach? This will help you craft your marketing message. Maybe start with a newsletter and send it to a few in your database – check the response and build from there.
  2. Make it easy to “opt in and out” of – many customers will subscribe to receive email marketing but may change their minds. Make it easy to unsubscribe.
  3. Keep it relevant and personal – send the right content and offers to the right people. Don’t assume that everyone wants the same things – you should segment your database to make this easier. Don’t send everything to everyone on your list.
  4. Provide relevant & interesting content – most importantly, make it interesting and informative for your audience. Don’t bombard them with sales messages or make it too long. Perhaps a story that relates to their experiences or something else relevant. They will probably be viewing on mobile devices so don’t drown them in text. Give them enough information to grab their attention and encourage them to find out more.
  5. Offer something of value – listing your products or services with their prices is one option; but it adds more value if you offer free shipping or two-for-one deals. These can encourage your customers to click through to your website.
  6. Track responses – your email marketing is only as good as your response rates: who opened the email? Which links were opened? Who forwarded or shared your email on social media? How many sales resulted?
  7. Absolutely don’t spam! Sending out anything that makes the reader feel they are being blasted with generic information will drive them away. You will lose existing customers quicker than you can sign new ones up. Those who were previously considering your business will get sick of the spam and go to a competitor instead.

Email marketing for business can be an incredibly powerful tool in your armoury. Combined with social media marketing, it can completely revolutionise your approach to business marketing. We hope these seven tips above have helped.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce that Advise Accountants has welcomed Marketing Manager, Gina Jessett, to the team.

If you would like help with setting up email marketing for your business or advice regarding any other marketing needs, please contact Gina on 02 6333 7600.

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